Viva Chips Sour Cream & Dill Style

These Viva Chips are no diva chips.

Their understated and arguably contradictory packaging (note the clash in fonts) disguise an elegantly flavoured crisp. The sour cream is tasty but never garish; the dill piquant but never overwhelming. In terms of texture the crisp has more in common with a poppadom than with your textbook Walker’s original, with work needed in the way of bite and crunch. The Viva Chip is a fledgling teenager struggling to define itself in a hectic world; to reconcile its desire to stand out with its need to fit in.

The beauty of the Vivas lies in their element of surprise: the wealth of flavour embedded in these light little chips; the novel substitution of chive for dill and sour cream; the unexpected texture (though it may not be to everyone’s taste). Bravo Viva Chips, this is a pleasing snack – imperfect yet delicious in its contractions.

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