Pringles Original

If the Pringles Original was a member of Pride and Prejudice’s Bennett family, certainly it would be Mary. Lacking the sharpness and wit of Elizabeth (Salt N’ Vinegar), the beauty and popularity of Jane (Sour Cream and Chive) or even the flirtatiousness of Lydia (BBQ), the Pringles Original is too often classed as plain, too easily dismissed as characterless, too unthinkingly cast into the shadows of its siblings. Crucially, there is no love interest for this crisp, no happy marriage.

Enough is enough for the Ventrilocrisp: time to draw this charming beauty out of its seclusion. For the Pringles Original is a Ready Salted crisp at its best: high crunch and high salt, forming when chewed a robust, hearty, savoury bite in the mouth. The Original is intoxicatingly salty, with a higher distribution of salt on its upper curve, allowing for pleasing excavation with the tongue.

Yes, that Pringles trademark slogan is true, certainly, but not stopping once you pop is nothing out of the ordinary for the Ventrilocrisp: the Ventrilocrisp will always see a packet out to its conclusion.
The Ventrilocrisp is addressing society’s great omission of the Original here: this crisp is nothing short of spectacular, and it’s high time it got its happy ending.

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